Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hey Everyone, 

After the tests that were run it turned out that Little John did have small infection.  He is on antibiotics to get rid of it. 

Yesterday Little John underwent Angioplasty.  Little John had a breathing tube inserted for the surgery as well.  They were concerned that he had a blockage in his heart but all went well.  They also did another trace test where they send the dyed liquid thru to see the path of blood flow through his heart.  All went well. 

Little John is very feisty.  He is trying to remove his own breathing tube but is being stopped by the nurses and family. :)  He will have his breathing tube removed later today. 

His shunt surgery was originally scheduled for Tuesday 10/7/08 however, since Little John is doing so well [He's our little fighter :)], they have moved his surgery up to Monday 10/6/08.  They have removed him from the heart transplant list for the time being.  The surgery for the shunt is only temporary and we are hopeful that we will have Little John ready for a transplant in a few months.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. 

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