Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update 9/30/08

Little John is not having surgery today.  He developed a fever overnight and the doctors are taking a Spinal tab, blood and urine samples to check for culture to determine why he has a fever.   

Little John is using hospital oxygen on occasion when his O2 Levels get low.  He is breathing room air for the most part and only uses the O2 sparingly.  

They had to put a  cathador put in his bladder and it was a struggle to get it in.  But it is in now. 

Now we just have to wait.  Thank you all for you thoughts and prayers at this time.  


carolyn q said...

I came by yesterday to see you guys, but there was someone already visiting with you, so I didn't stop. I am sorry that his surgery didn't happen like planned.
Please know I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and please let me know if there is anything I can do. I can be reached at 801-372-2255.
Heart Hugs,
Carolyn Quigley
President, IHH

Quinney Family said...

We are from the IHH support group. I was your welcome post for the group with your web address and thought we would leave a note. You guys are in our thought and prayers. Our son wasn't diagnosed until after birth either. It is a rollercoaster, hang in there. Our son is scheduled for surgery next friday the 10th. If you are up to visitors we would love to meet you.
mom to Bryson